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Repurposed Fan Blade = Cute Snowman hanger

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

So if you have not noticed I like to take old things and make them new!! So that was the inspiration for this project.

Everybody at one point in their life has changed out a ceiling fan, right?? Well, when I did, I kept the fan blades in my stash of crafty stuff! I remember originally, I had seen a dragon fly project I thought I wanted to create...

Well as you can see...I abandoned that idea and came up with this cute little hanger...I found my inspiration on PINTEREST of course...where I find my inspiration all the time!!

How about you?? Are you a PINTEREST junkie like me??

Anyhow....this was super is what I did.

First, I painted the blade black. (It was originally black as well, so really, I just touched it up with black chalk paint, so the blade was consistently coloring the same shade of black)

Then I started on the snowman head... I used a saucer to trace the roundness for the head, then painted it white. Once the initial coat was applied ad dried, I went back for a second coat but this time I used the sponge technique to give the white some texture and dimension like real snow.

I finished it off by adding the orange nose, several black dots for the mouth and little dots of white to mimic snow falling.

Finally, I wanted to add something that covered up the pre-drilled holes and these cute little plastic snowflakes I got at the $Tree fit the bill!!

They turned out so cute I made 3!! Haha!

Hopefully someone loves them as much as I do as I will try to sell them in an upcoming craft fair!! Would you buy this for your home??

Let me know your thoughts!! Thanks for stopping by!!



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