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Easy Wooden Block Shelf Sitters!

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

For this project I went to the scrap pile!! lol! I am fortunate enough to have a stash of miscellaneous pieces of wood lying around. We actually bought a pile of wood from marketplace online from someone local for about $30. But boy or boy.... let me tell you the number of projects I have created with these small investment surely out ways the cost!! Especially If I can turn around and sell my wares at a craft fair!!

OK, sorry I digress... for this project you will need a piece of a 2x4 about 12" long. I had my fella cut them to my desired link. Then I used the hand sander and smoothed them up a bit!

Next, I painted them with chalk paint. I chose Red, Blue and White.

For the wording I used my Cameo machine to create the sayings, using vinyl. If you don't have a cameo or cricket these can be hand painted or you could even use the sticker letters found at any store. I was going for mostly a Christmas/Holiday theme, but also create a couple that could be used year-round. Once the paint was dried, I adhered the sticker.

Finally, I embellished them with some Rafita for a bow and some little do dah's like bells or pinecones. This is where your creativity if your friend!! Use what you like, what you have on hand etc.!! I also used Jute on some!! See the pictures below!

Such a fun and easy craft to do!!



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