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Guess how I made these cute Snowmen

So, I these little guys are so cute!! In addition, they were a great seller at my local craft fair. But you will never guess what I made them out or.... or maybe you can when you look at their shape. Yep, you got it! They are made by recycled fan blades!

To make these cuties, I started by painting the front side of the fan blade white. Then I used some faux tin tile I picked up at the dollar store 1/3 of the top halve. Painted that section black. Added a piece of wood painted black to resemble the brim of the hat. I then sanded a little to highlight the design,

Then painted the face, added a cardboard nose painted like a carrot. Embellished the hat with Christmasy decorations, added a scarf and buttons and TA DA!! Super cute snowmen!!

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