Yam & Squash Puree with Spicy Shrimp & Rice!!

So fall is the perfect time of year to make great recipe’s using root vegetables like yummy Yams and fall squash’s like an acorn squash! So this little diddy is a wonderful and Thai influenced spicy puree using both of them!!

So I’m all about easy so I started with 2 small yams and one small acorn squash. I peeled the yam then cut and removed the seeds from the squash.


Then I put them in a microwave safe dish and covered them with plastic wrap.


I cooked them in the microwave on high to start for 5 minutes. Checking them at each interval…adding a few minutes each time until both the yams and squash were cooked until tender.

Once tender I scooped out the “meat” of the vegetables and put them into a blender to puree.


I put it into a sauce pan and added a can of coconut milk to create a creamy puree. I added a little bit of dried ground curry, garlic powder, red curry paste and red pepper flakes for a bit of spicy seasoning.


This is the creamy goodness that it turned out to be..


So while I was working on the puree I also started some white rice…just your basic rice… cooked according to the package directions.

I also started my spicy shrimp…while the puree was simmering… I peeled 1 lb of large deveined raw shrimp. I prepared a quick flour dredge with garlic and chipotle spices.


I then fried the shrimp in a small amount of vegetable oil until pink and crispy on both sides. Don’t forget to Salt and pepper to taste!


When every thing was complete I created a bowel of wonderful! First I added the puree to the bottom of a bowl…then a scoop of the cooked white rice. I then surrounded this with the spicy, crispy shrimp! Then I sprinkled a little chopped cilantro on the top!


So eating this was a explosions of flavor in your mouth…each bite had a different combination of flavors…the creamy yam and squash puree paired with the rice…or the spicy shrimp…no 2 bites were the same…but they were all heavenly!!


If you like spicy Thai inspired flavors you will love this… Enjoy!!






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  2. This looks so yummy!
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