Twice Baked Potato’s!

I don’t know about you but sometimes a baked potato to me can be a little boring!! I just want a little something more…So this is a super easy, yet really great way to spice up you average ordinary baked potato!!

Here is how I made this twice baked potato for two…

Baked Potao

I baked 1 extra large potato until done…

Potato Skin

Then I cut it in half length wise, and scooped out the center.

Poatoe Filling

In a separate bowl I added 1/4 cup of each…cream cheese, shredded cheese, bacon bits and diced green onions…

Stopped Potato Filling

Then add the scooped out part of the potato and mix well…

Stuffed Potato

Re-stuff your potato with the mixture…

Twice Baked Potato

Top with a little more cheese and bake again until warmed through and the cheese is a golden brown…

Twice Baked Potatos with Bacon and Cheese

See how pretty…and what a great accompaniment to any dinner! Plus it’s not you average ordinary baked potato!!

Twice Baked Potatos



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