Toilet Paper Roll Wall Art

So I have been doing things with toilet paper and paper towel rolls for awhile now. In fact, I have friends that save thier empties for me. (Thanks Michelle and Marna) Last year for the craft fair in my home town I made some beautiful crosses and sold them for $5 a piece.

So as I said befor I am looking at Pinterest and looking for new ideas to try. I seen this one with the paper rolls (I’m not going to say toilet paper anymore, it kind of sounds weird don’t you agree?) Anyway here is the link to the one I seen.

I really liked this idea so I decided to try it!

I found these canvas prints at the $1 store. They weren’t really my idea of art so I removed the staples and the canvas to create just a wooden frame. Not bad for $1!!!


Then I started creating the fillagree like design on the inside of the frame. I cut the rolls into strips the same width of my frame Then armed with the glue gun just started being creative.


Once I was happy with the design, I spray painted the entire piece with a dark bronze metallic paint. They almost look like metal! Heres the results…


I made 3 total and they look really good as a grouping!



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