Spicy Shrimp California Sushi Roll!

So Sushi is one of those things that get mixed reactions when you bring it up amongst friends…some people love it…and some people say “ewe”!! I totally believe this is just part of a misinformation that Sushi is Raw Fish!!

Sushi is actually just a vinegared rice roll…often times with seafood and vegetables…but sashimi is the dish were raw fish is served without rice.

I personally love sushi, especially a California Style Roll…and my son Kevin is right there with me!! That is why this past Christmas he bought me one of these “As seen on TV” sushi makers to try my hand at creating my own! It’s like a plunger / caulking gun that “pushes” out the sushi in a perfect roll!!

I couldn’t wait to try it!! So after a little investigation on my favorite site Pinterest…I set out to make my first batch!

Here is what I used…

For the Rice

  • 1 and 1/2 cups of sushi rice
  • 1/4 cup of rice vinegar
  • 2 TBSP of granulated sugar
  • 1 tsp. salt

You need to rinse your rice several times until the water runs clear. This removes the excess starch from the rice. Then cook the rice according to package directions, or if you are lucky enough to have a rice cooker…use that accordingly!

Once the rice is cooked, let it cool completely. Meanwhile combine your vinegar, sugar and salt together until the sugar is dissolved. ¬†Once the rice is cooled completely…add the vinegar mixture in the rice….ensuring it is well coated. Now your rice is ready!!

For the Filling

  • fresh cucumber cut into matchstick size pieces, the center removed.
  • Avocado slices
  • Cooked Carrot Slices
  • 1 small can of cooked tiny shrimp
  • 1 TBSP Mayonnaise
  • Sriracha Hot sauce to taste
  • ¬†Sesame seeds
  • Toasted Seaweed sheets

So I started by slicing my veggies into matchstick size pieces. Then I made my shrimp filling. I drained the shrimp then added the mayo and hot sauce into it and made it into a “shrimp salad” consistency.

Time to assemble…

Using my handy dandy new tool….layer your rice in the bottom of both sides…

Then I added my cucumber on one side…and the avocado on the other…

Then some carrots and a layer of the shrimp mixture…

Clamp both sides together…NOTE!! Remember to put the plunger end in before you close it…otherwise you can’t push it out!! Obviously by this picture…I learned the hard way!! LOL!! ( Redo – Reopen – and re clamp)

Once the “plunger” was back in place…all you do is screw it down a little…then push it out!! And just like it said…you have an almost perfect sushi style roll!! Another note…do not over fill the tool…it will ooze out and be difficult to close. As you can see…the seams have some excess filling as well!! My second roll was much better!!

Finally… I took the seaweed sheets and rolled the roll in it!! The seaweed was a little long…so I had to cut it off a little at the point it met.

Ta – Da!! A Sushi Roll…I took a sharp knife and slice this baby up into about 1/2 inch pieces…

This recipe actually made 3 rolls…so I tried to change it up a little each time….

For one roll I added some of the seaweed first…and some toasted sesame seeds…

Not sure if this is a traditional sushi roll…but it sure was good!

I also made some spicy dipping sauce…( mayo and sriracha) to dip as we ate!!

So I have to say…this little tool worked great for a newbie like me!! And me and my Son devoured these rolls!! Tasted just as good as store bought!! LOL!! Maybe not as pretty…but really good!!






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