My 2 Favorite Things on Thursday – Link Party #69

Hi Guys!! It’s that time again…time to share your stuff on My 2 Favorite Things on Thursday – Link Party #69!!

So over the last couple of months I have noticed that the participation on this party is slowly declining and the views on everyone’s shares is just as bad! I’ve been wondering what’s going on?? So I’m going to enlist you all to give me some feedback PLEASE!! Let’s see who actually reads this and who will respond! Here’s a few questions I have….

  • In general, are people still actively participating in blog hops as much…are they still a relevant tools to meet and socialize with other bloggers??
  • Is there something specific about this party that doesn’t entice people to come back?
  • Is everyone just busier these days and they don’t have time to visit each other??
  • Is there something else I can do to get this party hopping?? (ie: invite a co-host, share more etc)

I would love to network with you all and get some good old blogger advice!! Please let me know…if you don’t want to leave a public comment you can e-mail me too! (

OK…so let’s get on with the business at hand and find out what My 2 Favorite Things are this week and of course the Most Viewed!! 

My 1st Favorite Thing is this Sweet and Sour Chicken from Lou Lou Girls!!  I love Sweet and Sour Chicken and nothing beats making it yourself so you know what your getting!! This recipe looks amazing…check it out!!


My 2nd Favorite Thing this week is Deconstructing a Watermelon from Frugal in Florida!! Yep it’s that time of year where we will be eating lots of watermelon and this post will show you how to cut it just right!! Yum…I love watermelon!! Check it out!!


And the Most Viewed this week is…Cheesecake Cupcakes from Simple Joys!! Yep!! I can see why!! These little desserts look amazing!! Check them out too!!


So THANK YOU ALL for sharing your stuff!! 🙂

Remember I comment when I can…But I pin everything to my Pinterest Board and have been sharing the features on My Facebook Page, Twitter and Google+ …stop buy and follow along!

Here are a few rules!

1. Please only link up your cookin or craftin creations! (No ad’s or links to other parties)
2. Share as much as you would like…there is no limit when we are having fun.
3. Please follow me…your host…in some way!

Grab My button and let’s start this party!!

Cookin and Craftin - My 2 Favorite Things!
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15 thoughts on “My 2 Favorite Things on Thursday – Link Party #69

  1. Hiya Elaine, here from Take Action Tribe, I very much think link parties are still relevant, and helpful for blog traffic. I agree with what was said above try posting your party in some of the blogger groups, one party I am in in that seems to stay popular picks a feature post by who comments the most on other blogs in the party, maybe add that as one of your features to encourage people to comment on posts they see here. I subscribed and will definitely be back next week to actually link up, just behind this week on my blog posting!

  2. Elaine, I think this time of year is very busy with kids just getting out of school, nicer weather, so out more. I have read on some blogger groups that numbers are down, so it’s not just you. I love your party & thank you for hosting!

  3. Thanks for the party Elaine! I can only speak for myself, I wish I had more time for link parties and try to join when I can. I actually just had to stop co-hosting my party due to lack of time 🙂

  4. I love the hop, but there are two things that could be causing your hop participation decline. The first and most important is your format, it’s outdated. InLinkz is what most hops I participate in are using and it’s much quicker for me to input my contributions to those hops. The Linky Tools format you’re using is slower & requires more effort on my part to enter my data and one by one I’ve been eliminating hops using the older Linky Tools format.

    Secondly since the standard description is 50 characters I make sure my descriptions are 50 characters or less, your hop only allows 45 so oftentimes my description is cut short. I can either re-input with fewer characters or just let my title break off at the end. Depending upon how busy I am, I’ll either fix it or not. But 45 characters isn’t too terrible, one hop I used to contribute to was only 30 characters! WHEW!

    Love the hop, thanks for hosting!

    ~Taylor-Made Homestead~

  5. Hi Elaine 🙂 Those Cheesecake Cupcakes look GOOD. Great feature!

    As for your questions – I think blog parties are still a relevant tool. I select mine carefully. though. I LIKE yours(!), especially because you – as a hostess comment on our posts. The problem is when people are too busy and don’t comment on each other’s posts. I try, but when I don’t get comments back, I stop (and they are bloggers who never-ever comment on other’s posts even if you comment on theirs)

    I suggest you post you link parties on some FB groups. This one for example –

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