Mirrored Wall Hanging / Toilet Paper Roll Art

Hi all!! I’ve been at it again… one of my favorite craft mediums is to use empty toilet paper rolls to creat unique crafts! It is actually really simple to do…check it out…this is one of my favorites yet!!


You know how a mirror has that magical way of bringing light into a room…well that is what I wanted to do…I wanted to create a mirrored wall hanging…while still using my toilet paper rolls…

So armed with my handy dandy glue gun and toilet paper rolls cut into 1/2 inch strips I started gluing them onto a round piece of Plexiglas that I had laying around from another project… I started a sort of sun burst pattern…here is how it looked when I was almost done!


When I was happy with the size…I spray painted it with my favorite metallic bronze colored paint… that way it looks a lot like a wrought iron piece… don’t you think so?


Anyway once it was dried completely I once again used my handy dandy glue gun and glued the mirror on it over the Plexiglas…Side note: I bought the mirror at the $1 store…it was originally a suction cup mirror for a shower but I removed the plastic frame so that all I had left was the mirror! Good deal I thought!


I  think it turned out pretty darn good!! In fact it is hanging in my bedroom as we speak!!


I hope this inspires you to look at things a little differently!! Repurposing and up cycling things can be fun and beautiful too!

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I hope you enjoy!!



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