DIY Bottle Bird Feeders!

Burrr!! It’s cold outside…and during the winter months is when we tend to feed the birds more!! Everything is dead and gray outside…so what else do the little birdies eat? Mostly what we provide them right??

So I posted a while back about “How to drill a 1″ hole in Bottles” check out that post here… So this is one of the many crafty things that I made out of those bottles!


So here is what I did…

I went to the second hand stores and yard sales etc…in my area… and bought just some regular saucer’s…most of them I never paid more than $.50 for..


Then I used E6000 glue to glue the bottles (pre-drilled) to the saucers. Let dry.


So I had to buy some corks for some bottles…you can pick those up at any craft store.

Then I used wire…it was an .032 diameter stainless steel wire…but any heavy gauge wire used for jewelry making could work… I wrapped it around the neck of the bottle…several times…and tight enough for it to hold the bottle suspended and not slip.


Then I left 2 strands long…and added beads. To get the beads to stay in the middle of the strand I used a simple split fishing weight crimped to the wire to hold the beads in place. The beads attract the birds and act as sun catcher too!


Once the beads were in place…I just added  a simple ring for a hanger. (I actually used a key ring)

Once complete fill it with bird seed…and hang!!


The seed will come out of the hole a little bit…but the birds love it!! They tend to perch on the saucer and throw the seed on the ground…then they all come in for the feast!


I hope this little tutorial inspires you to think outside the box…recycle and reuse!!




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