Cross Wall Hanging using Toilet Paper Rolls

So if you haven’t figured it out by now…I really like playing around with toilet paper rolls!! I know that sounds funny…but what better way to up cycle something that would ordinarily just go in the trash?! I have made other versions of wall art with themĀ and I have done kids craft with them…

So I have this really cool wall art that I created using this medium…It is a cross!! And once I painted this cross with my favorite bronze spray paint it looks like an Iron cross. (Ok so maybe just a metal cross).


So armed with my trusty glue gun I started creating this craft. Obviously I started by cutting the rolls into 1″ strips….then just adding a bit of glue to the ends started creating these circles…


So once I created the basic structure…I started added just a few individual pieces to create a leaf or petal effect on the ends of the cross.


Once done it looked like this… Then I spray painted it. Now this part is up to the individual…the color is purely whatever you desire…As I said I chose the metallic paint that made this cross look like it was made out of iron.


So how cute is that??? I have hardly any money into them at all, but to look at them you would never know!

Here are the links to a few of the other items I have created using these toilet paper rolls…

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I hope you enjoy this and all my other arts and crafts!! Enjoy!!

7 thoughts on “Cross Wall Hanging using Toilet Paper Rolls

    • Hi Jolene! Sorry for the delay…It was about six. Each roll cut should make about 6 strips…4 strips for the circles and then a a couple for the points!!

      Thanks for stopping by!!

  1. I promote repurpose , reuse, recycle with my junior and senior high students. I have collected toilet tissue tubes for a long time. I knew they could make something really great, just not sure what. Thank you for sharing your cross. i love it and have shared it with my students as they have created wall art with the tubes I’ve saved. Fun, useful, and repurposed! Love it!

  2. This is so creative. The cross looks like something you would buy from arts store for quite a bit of money but you made it from toilet paper rolls. This is awesome. Thanks for sharing with Great Idea Thursdays. I’m featuring this.

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