Cinnamon Christmas Ornaments!!

So with Christmas quickly approaching, I’m sure everybody is busy preparing…and creating memories!  I was lucky enough last weekend to create some really great memories with my Miss Addy…and along the way we created these really cool cinnamon Christmas Ornaments!!


So I think anyone or everyone that has ever looked up handmade Christmas ornaments has run across a similar recipe to this…it’s easy…and kid friendly!! Oh yea!! They smell really good too!!

Here is what we did and when I say “we” I actually mean Miss Addy!! She did it all!!


First we measured the cinnamon…1 cup!! Then we added 1 cup of apple sauce and about 2 TBSP of white glue.


Form into a ball…


And then roll it out thin…be sure to add cinnamon to your surface and rolling pin so it won’t stick!! (Addy was so proud to show me how good she could roll it out…because of course…she has done it with play dough before!!)


Then using Christmas cookie cutters we cut them out!!


Then we placed them on the cookie sheet and poked holes in them with a straw!


We baked them at 300 degrees for about an hour. Be sure to flip them half way through so they bake evenly.

Once they were cool we added this little bit of ribbon so we can hang them on the tree!


I hope Miss Addy enjoyed making these with me as much as I enjoyed watching her…she is so Independent …her and Grandma Elaine are 2 crafty girls!!


Just making Memories…That’s what its all about!!






16 thoughts on “Cinnamon Christmas Ornaments!!

  1. I love this recipe! You’re right, these cinnamon ornaments smell so good. I made these years ago and forgot how simple these were to make so thanks for the reminder! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. 🙂

  2. I had no idea they were that easy! Totally going to make these with my son this year. Alot of our Christmas ornaments broke last year (disaster in storage!), so this would be fun for both of us. Thanks for sharing, and Miss Addy did a wonderful job! Pinned, shared, and subscribed 🙂

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