A Family Keepsake!

So growing up, my Mother and Grandmother always sewed. I remember as a little girl my Grandmother making almost all of my clothing! And try as they might to teach me this craft, I had no patience for it…especially when I was younger. I now know just enough to get by… However, my Mom continued to master her craft.

After the kids were all gone, and out of the house, my Mom took up quilting…and for many years my Momr has made some of the most beautiful quilts. In fact, she has made all of us kids and I’m pretty sure all of the grandkids…and even the daughter in laws special quilts of their own. But there is one special quilt that I want to share with you all today.


Several years ago my Father past away from a rare form of leukemia. Now that I am actually writing this I realize we are quickly approaching the 8th anniversary of my Dad’s death.  My Dad was a great guy and was into hunting and fishing…cowboys and Indians…guns and wildlife…it’s almost like he was born in the wrong era. Having said that…my son adored him!!

Papa and Kevin had a special bond…he taught him to fish…and as a young boy he would spend hours in Papa’s lap reading books and looking at pictures about cowboys and Indians. Being a working Mom both my kids spent a lot of time with my parents which explain the bonds they have created.

So anyway…back to the quilt…when my Dad passed away Kevin was only 12 years old…and he took it kind of hard…but being 12…it was hard for him to articulate.  My Mom gave him lots of special things to help keep his memory alive…but the most special thing (in my opinion) was this quilt that she created a couple years later…out of all of my Dad’s old blue jeans!!


It was an inspiration that my Mom had when she was finally going through all of my Dad’s stuff…there sat a big bag of blue jeans…and trying to figure out what to do, she decided to make my son this special quilt! She didn’t have a pattern…she just created it in her mind…I guess…the jean pieces are hexagons and the backing and the middle pieces are a western style red bandana pattern…appropriate for my Dad!


On the inside my Mom added this little patch so that Kevin will always remember this special quilt was made from Papa Lyles jeans!! And to always cherish this as a special Family Keepsake!!



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