Leftover Steak Taco’s!!

So what do you do with your leftover steak? You know that big KC strip that you ordered on date night but was too big to eat all of it and you brought it home in a doggy bag…or that extra steak you grilled or broiled just in case…

Well there are so many things that could be done…But this my favorite…and first go to idea to fix leftover steak!! Steak Taco’s!! Check it out…

So here is my leftover steak…

First I created a little smashed avocado …or guacamole if you will…all I did was took an avocado and smashed it up with a little salt, pepper and garlic powder and a squeeze of lime.

Then I created a little Pico de gallo … or fresh salsa…using 1 chopped tomato, 2 sliced green onions, 1/2 of a chopped Jalapeno (may be omitted) and a Tablespoon or so of chopped cilantro…seasoned with salt and pepper.

Next I sliced up my steak into bite size pieces…

Added it to a skillet to warm it through…with a little seasoning of chili powder, garlic powder and smoked paprika…toss to coat evenly and heat just enough to bloom the flavors and the steak is warm for serving. (The steak is already cooked so you don’t want to over cook it a risk it getting tough)

Finally warm up some tortilla’s….corn or flour…whatever you prefer…then serve it up!! ¬†First some steak, then the avocado and finally the fresh salsa!!

You can serve them with some beans or rice as a side…and you have a perfect family friendly dinner…using up that leftover steak!! And as an added bonus it will be ready in less than 30 minutes!!


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